Windows XP

On Windows XP there are two possible way of connecting to your account. One option is to create and map a drive letter to your account and another option is to create a web folder connection.

Option A: Setting up I(2) Drive WebDAV Server on Windows XP via a mapped drive
  1. From the start menu go to "Programs", "Accessories" and select "Command Prompt"
  2. At the command prompt write the following:

       net use i: " Drive/" /User:Username Password

Replace username and password with your account information. After this hit enter and you should see this message "The command completed successfully".

Now you can open Explorer and you should see the i: drive.

Note: If you like to use any other drive letter replace
i: with another letter.

Option B: Setting up I(2) Drive WebDAV Server on Windows XP via Web Folders

1.  Minimize or close your browser.

2.  Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.

3.  Double-click the My Network Places icon that appears on the left set of options.

4.  From the Network Tasks menu on the left, click Add Network Place. This will open the Add Network Place Wizard.

5.  The Add Network Place Wizard opens. Click Next.

6.  At the next step of the Wizard, you are asked where you want to create this network place. Click on "Choose another network location" and then click Next.

7.  You will be prompted for the Internet address of your I(2) Drive WebDAV Server. Enter 

8.  Then click the Next button.

9.  Enter your I(2) Drive account login name and password. Optionally select the "Remember password" check box and Click OK.

10.  Enter a name for the folder that will help you easily identify this network place and then click Next.

11.  Click the Finish button. You will be prompted for your username and password once more and as the Wizard completes the setup, the Web folder for your I(2) Drive account will open.

Trouble shooting and some notes:

1.  From the Start menu select "Run..."

2.  Enter C:\windows\system32\webfldrs.msi

3.  Click "Select reinstall mode."

4.  Uncheck "Repair all detected reinstall problems."

5.  Check the last four options beginning with "Force all files ..." and ending with "Validate shortcuts."

6.  Click OK.

7.  Click Reinstall.

For web folder:

For Mini-Redirector:

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