Mac OS 9.x

Setting up I(2) Drive WebDAV Server on Mac OS 9.x

To create a WebDAV connection on Mac OS 9.x , you will need to download a free software package called Goliath.

A.  To Download:

1.  Go to

B.  To Install:

1.  Double click on the "Goliath" Installer.

2.  A dialog box opens giving information about the product.

3.  Click any where on the box to continue.

4.  You will be prompted through the installation process.

C.  To Setup:

1.  Open Goliath by double clicking on the icon.

2.  A dialog box opens. Enter the URL

3.  Check the box next to "Use basic authentication".

4.  It will prompt you for your username and password.

5.  Enter your I(2) Drive account login name and password.

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