Setting up I(2) Drive WebDAV Server with davfs2 on Linux

1.  Download and install the latest davfs2 Linux file system driver from

2.  Create the mount point

mkdir /i2drive

3.  Remote file systems should not be indexed, so you should exclude the /i2drive directory from the updatedb command:

edit /etc/cron.daily/slocate.cron and add the /i2drive directory in the list of exclude (the list after the -e option):

   /usr/bin/updatedb -f "nfs,smbfs,ncpfs,proc,devpts" -e "/tmp,/var/tmp,/usr/tmp,/afs,/net,/i2drive"

4.  Mount the I(2) Drive WebDAV Server

   /usr/local/sbin/mount.davfs /i2drive -o username=<your_login>,password=<your_passwd>

5.  You can now access your I(2) Drive from any application using the /i2drive mount point! You can cd to /i2drive and list files.

6. Unmount when finished.
   umount /i2drive

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