Adobe Photoshop or Illustator

Setting up I(2) Drive WebDAV Server with Adobe Photoshop. For Adobe Illustrator this works too and is very similar:

            1.  Choose File > Workgroup > Workgroup Servers.


2.  Specify a folder in which you want to store local copies of managed files. To change the default location, click Choose, and specify a different folder. Click Show to locate a folder in the Windows Explorer or the Mac OS Finder. Note: The path you choose here is used for all servers you want to add. Changing this path does not change the location of files on existing servers.


3.  Select the WebDAV server you want to use, or do one of the following:


4.  Enter your I(2) Drive username and password


To set Workgroup management preferences:

1.  Do one of the following:

2.  Do one of the following:

3.  Select one of the following options for Check Out from Server:

4.  Select one of the following options for Update from Server:

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