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Online Storage and Padcasting
  I(2) drive Syndication & Podcasting Server

I(2) Drive Syndication and Podcasting Server is a service through which you can Podcast any file stored on your I(2) Drive account making them available to users that subscribe to your syndication feed. You can do this in a very simple way and without having to know about XML and RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds. I(2) drive syndicating server generate the XML as well as host the media files for you.

What is Podcasting? Podcasting is a method of publishing and allowing other users to subscribe to your syndication feed that contain files, usually MP3s but also videos, PDF documents, etc.

User may subscribe to the syndication feed(s) that your have created from your I(2) Drive. They can use aggregator software that downloads the content. Some podcasting software, also synchronize the downloaded copy to portable music players such as iPod.

What is Syndication? Information about your mp3 or other media files and the enclosed file is presented to podcasting software via RSS feed which is an XML data model. I(2) Drive provides this XML data as well as the enclosed files to podcasting software using the standard RSS feed 2.0. More information about RSS standard specification 2.0 can be found here ( RSS 2.0 Specification)

What is the difference between software tools that create RSS feed and I(2) Drive?
Software tools generate the RSS feed in XML files format. But you also need a server that will host and make those files available for download. I(2) Drive combines its file hosting capabilities and automatically generates the RSS feeds. And you can create any number of RSS Feeds in a very simple way.

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