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Inbound Server for Online Storage and Data Exchange
  I(2) drive Inbound Server

I(2) Drive Inbound Server is a service through which you can create multiple inboxes that your clients can use to send you and upload their files.

What is an Inbound Server? I(2) Drive Inbound Servers an integrated service as part of I(2) Drive Online Storage system. It lets you create multiple server inboxes which allows for accepting incoming files into your inbox. When you create a server, a web-based form with file input field(s) and other types of fields is generates. Each inbox is customizable and can be used either as a standalone form or integrated within your web site.

The form can accept files and other information such as client name, email, message and file description. When new items arrive in your inbox, you receive an email notification and you can accept, or reject the incoming files that are included in the item and bring them into your I(2) Drive

What is the difference between an ftp server and I(2) Drive Inbound Server? Setting up an ftp server can be difficult for your clients to use. It requires them to download an ftp client. You have to provide them with access information and instructions such as username, password, what port number to use and what software to use etc. In many cases where the client is behind firewall they simply can not connect to your server. Also you have to setup permission on the server in such a way that would allow them to upload their files without allowing them to view or download other files that have been uploaded. Anther problem is that after the files have been received you need to sort out what file belongs to which client. Unless you create a different username for each client you wont know who has send you files.

I(2) Drive inbound server takes care of many of these issues. There is no need for client software to download as it is a web-based form for your users. Also the user can enter his/her information, message and description about the files. You client will not see other files that have been send you. On the management side files are grouped by the sender along with their information. You have the option of accepting or rejecting one or more files and bringing them into any folder on your I(2) Drive account. Also since you have What is WebDAV? WebDAV access to your I(2) Drive account, and can map to it from your computer, and there is no need to download the files right away. You can open each file on your computer when you need to. You can even edit files right on the server.

Use case
Anyone that wants to receive large files in an organized fashion can use I(2) Drive Inbound Servers. For example Media companies that accept ads in digital format, printing companies, web sites that receive files from their members, etc

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